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Since the establishment of the law office, Toma Barbarasa has been focused on building a strategic and seamless legal practice aimed at meeting Clients' needs.


The law office was founded by Toma in March 2022 with a focus on providing clients with tailored and practical advice.


Toma has an experience of 10 years working in the Food and Life Science industries in various renowned international and national law firms. He is highly skilled in diverse food matters such as labelling and advertising products, product compliance and pre-market approvals (e.g., registration / notification of supplements and fortified foods), product advertising (e.g., claims), food safety as well as controls performed by national authorities.


He also advises clients on a wide range of non-food matters such as product law (e.g., advertising, security), cosmetics and detergents, narcotic and psychotropic substances (e.g., CBD, THC), tobacco and feed matters as well as medical devices. 


Toma assists major international and national operators providing a full array of services such as product compliance and conformity checks, placement of products on the E.U., Romanian and Moldovan markets, assistance during official controls performed by authorities, etc. He has in-depth knowledge of the local markets, optimal experience on the practice of local authorities and therefore may provide strategic advice on specific legal matters.

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